Will You Say Yes?

SYI supports people to be Powerful, Positive, and Professional. These skills are foundational to effective leadership and support the development of emotional intelligence skills (or people skills).

Powerful: KNOW
You are comfortable owning your skills and strengths.
Positive: LIKE
You like your world and you look for what is right, what is working, and what is going well.
Professional: MODEL
You move through the world modeling respect, fairness, and consistency.

Join us at the SYI to get concrete skills, tips, tools, and strategies to be Powerful, Positive, and Professional!

Carrie Stack, M.Ed.


Carrie Stack, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Coach, author and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience providing people with skills and tools to make positive changes in their lives. Founder of the Say Yes Institute (SYI), a company focused on building emotional intelligence skills through training and coaching, Carrie has shared her “people skills” strategies with thousands of people across the country who are looking to build more positive and powerful relationships, both at home and at work.

Carrie brings a range of experiences in to her training and coaching, from the classroom to the conference room, as she has been a teacher, counselor, trainer and program director. In her roles she has worked with children, teens and families dealing with many challenges in life and has had privilege of witnessing people (of all ages!) grow and evolve in ways that both inspire and awe.


  • ~M.Ed. in Social Justice
  • ~Certified Life Coach
  • ~Experience as a teacher, trainer, social worker, management consultant, and program director
  • ~Motivational speaker/keynote speaker
  • ~Author
  • ~Co-founder of EO Your Life

Carrie Stack proved to be an outstanding keynote for our annual Parent University and she was a huge success!  The audience loved her and her enthusiasm and energy was infectious. Her message about the power of positive parenting and modeling of affirming, affable exchanges resonated with our families. We would invite her back in a heartbeat and would certainly recommend her to other districts.”
~Dr. Steve Zrike, Superintendent, Wakefield Public Schools, Wakefield, MA 

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