Say Yes Institute releases relationship survey results from 500+ people focused on “Gen Y” and Love


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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Not As Much As You’d Think
Say Yes Institute Releases Survey Results on “Generation Y” and Love

Salem, Ma.- Just in time for the Hallmark holiday around love, the Say Yes Institute completed a survey on relationships with 500+ respondents sharing thoughts about their experiences, challenges, and issues regarding relationships.

72% of respondents were Generation Y, or “Millennials” (21-35 yrs. old), a demographic labeled as everything from “Generation Me” to “trophy kids” or the “Peter Pan” generation who grew up with hovering “helicopter” parents. While criticized for being overprotected and over indulged, survey results from this group revealed important indicators there are struggles around their connections and relationships. Within this demographic 44% reported their relationships would be healthier/stronger if they “felt better about me” and 38% said they needed to “let go of the drama/pain of the past.”  7 out of every 10 identify the main problems/issues in relationships to be jealousy and insecurity, followed by trust (47%), and lack of respect (31%).

 “It isn’t surprising jealousy, trust, and confidence are main issues for my peers,” says Alex Dominguez, co-creator of the survey and bona-fide member of Gen Y. “With all the personal information we pour out onto Social Media sites these days, it’s no shocker that it impacts our relationships and how we are judged, and judge others.” He believes social media is one of the greatest impacts on how his peers both enter in to, and experience, relationships.  Dominguez shares, “Relationships today need more trust and confidence than ever.  My parents have been happily married for 33 years and never had to deal with any of the factors relationships today need to endure.  Thankfully my mother didn’t have to worry about checking my father’s Facebook page to see if he was ‘liking’ or commenting on other female ‘friends’ pictures and my father never found half-naked ‘selfies’ my mom posted on a boring Sunday afternoon!” He stresses the significant impact social media has on relationships for his peers, much of which is negative.

 Data indicates only 19% of survey respondents specifically identify social media as a “main problem/issue” in relationships. “We actually expected that number to be much higher,” says Carrie Stack, founder of Say Yes Institute and co-creator of the survey, “but it may be hard to identify something as a problem if you have no frame of reference to compare it to.” Stack says the results left them wondering, “How can this generation measure the impact social media had on their identity and relationships, if they’ve lived with technology their entire lives (K through college) and know nothing else?”

Love has something to do with why relationships succeed, but it wasn’t what survey respondents were talking about. The good news is the top two areas identified as issues in relationships do not rely on another person in order to be changed. Stack and Dominguez offer the following tips to help with the challenges of “felt better about me” and jealousy/insecurity:

1. Love Fest for One: You want to feel better about yourself? It starts with you. Why are you amazing? What is very cool, unique, awesome, or freaking fabulous about you? Why do people want to be around you? If you can’t answer these questions, how can someone else? The cliché is accurate- you have to love yourself, or at least like yourself, before someone else is going to. Self-confidence isn’t just appealing, magnetic, and hot- it’s the foundation to teaching people how we want to be treated and what we believe we deserve. Spend time getting to know- and really digging- you!

2.  50% Rule: In training thousands of people, Stack shares this is one of the most important skills for people to grasp. “In any relationship you have the ability to control your half of it. Healthy, balanced relationships happen when two people are each doing their part, for a total of 100%,” she reports,  “Unfortunately jealousy and insecurity happens when someone feels the other person isn’t showing up to do their share.”  This fear leads to actions/behaviors which ultimately damages trust and communication, negatively impacting the connection. Ultimately your relationships are strengthened, and you become more confident, when you understand this simple equation: You have the responsibility to show up and contribute 50% to your relationship- and give your significant other the space to do his/her half!

Stack and Dominguez will be working to support this age group to increase the skills/tools they have around relationships by offering interactive workshops, as well as tips/tools through social media. For more information on the survey results, or to sign up for information about upcoming workshops on, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?!”  go to or to

Carrie Stack, Carrie Stack, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Coach, author, and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience providing people with skills and tools to make positive changes in their lives. Founder of the Say Yes Institute (SYI), a company focused on building emotional intelligence skills through training and coaching, Carrie is the author of The Dream Boss: Powerful, Positive, Professional and has shared her “people skills” strategies with thousands looking to build more powerful and positive relationships, both at home and at work.

Alex Dominguez, model/actor, has appeared in advertisements for major brands such as New Balance, Fidelity, Blackberry, Puma, Eastern Bank, Southern New Hampshire University, CVS, Hasbro, and Timberland. He has worked with and developed relationships with countless models, clients, designers, and photographers all over the east coast.

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Carrie Stack, M.Ed.

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