Over the years there have been a lot of questions around training. People are interested in how it works, what the training topics are, or how to go about setting up a training or speaking engagement.
Below are answers to some of the most common questions on SYI training:

What kinds of topics do you cover?
 SYI has provided training to thousands of people on a range of professional development topics, including:

  • ~Emotional Intelligence (“people” skills)
  • ~Power of the Positive
  • ~Concrete skills/tools focused on building individual skills
  • ~Group norms around expectations on behavior
  • ~Development of shared language and tools within group
  • ~Positive Team Development/Relationship Building
  • ~Effective Communication Skills
  • ~Management/Supervision Skills
  • ~Goal Setting
          Larger Organization
  • ~Strategic Planning
  • ~Professionalism/Boundaries
  • ~Accountability/Follow Through
  • ~Addressing Conflict
  • ~Creating Positive/Healthy Norms for Groups

How long is a training?
All training is designed based on the needs of an agency/business or group. Training length can range from one hour, to several days- and could be conducted with the same group over time.

How many people can be in a training?
Trainings can have 5 people, or 500+ people. If there are people who want/need information, then a training will be designed to make sure all participants, regardless of numbers, leave with skills/tools they can use!

Where do you do training?
SYI has held training on site in Salem, MA, however most training is done off site and held at the location of the agency/business.

What is the training fee or rate?
The training rate is based on the length of time and number of participants. Contact us for more information on your individual training needs.

Do you have feedback from past clients around your training?
Yes! Please see what people are saying about SYI training. Please let us know if you would like additional references, or want to contact past clients for feedback on effectiveness. (SYI doesn’t do any advertising- all of our clients have come from word-of-mouth from other clients.)

I still have questions. Can I talk to you about training?
Yes! If you still have questions, or want more information, please contact us and we will talk more about your group, your training needs and how SYI might be able to meet those needs.


“Carrie has the ability to bring out the best in people. I brought her in to work with our sales, marketing, and support group and she left a great impression on all of us. The response from the team was astounding and appreciative. I would absolutely recommend her. She is an outgoing individual with lots of energy that will help your group see the positive as well!”~Shane McCarthy, Sales Manager, N. America, SAGE

I have experienced, first-hand, an estimated 100 keynotes, and keynotes for me are mixed. I do not like to be spoken to or lectured at. Unless the speaker truly connects with me – engages me –  in the first minute or two, I literally check out. I sat at the recent NCTN (National College Transition Network) Conference in the back of the room, skeptically awaiting Carrie Stack’s post-lunch “keynote” and a probable quick exit. Well, she had me at “Hello!” The power of humor is well known and Carrie immediately connected with us  and piqued my interest with her wit, engaged style, and obvious knowledge of her audience. Her powerful message of remaining positive, respecting others, and focusing on creating a better life at home and at work struck a nerve. Her time with us surprisingly passed too quickly and I literally ran to her follow-up session because I wanted to soak up more of her humor and positive message. The room overflowed into the lobby.  I was so impressed by this presentation, I immediately sent along Carrie’s contact information and website address to several colleagues that are responsible for conference planning and to the committee and boards on which I serve. I can honestly say that her “keynote”- which was really more like a personal conversation – is one of the best I have been privileged to experience. 
~Tom Nash, Director, Windham Raymond Adult Education, Windham, ME

“Carrie Stack, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, what was all this hoopla  about? Persistence from my administrators had me contacting Carrie to be the opening day keynote speaker.  She was a blast, people are still talking about her keynote and using the lingo!  Her message resonated. Now I understand the excitement around her and wished the school department could have had her for a longer period of time. Thank you Carrie for your keynote at our school district’s opening day kick off.” ~Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Augusta, Maine

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