“Carrie has a tremendous reputation in the field, as both a trainer and a coach.  She is a dynamic trainer with the unique ability to successfully work with diverse populations- from teens to senior managers.  Her work is rooted in finding the positive/strengths and building from there, which is an important foundation for agencies to support staff and build programs. It is rare to find someone that is able to integrate an extensive background working in the field, with such solid training skills.” Margo Casey, Executive Director, North Shore United Way, Beverly, MA

“In over 30 years in education, I have never seen a trainer, teacher or workshop facilitator change the dynamic in a room like Carrie Stack. Her positive energy engages and motivates attendees to participate in the process of self improvement like nothing I have ever seen.” Steve Quann, Senior Advisor for Technology in Education, World Education, Inc., Boston, MA

“I have been going to trainings for 40 years and I don’t have ‘a-ha’ moments anymore. Today I had five of them in your training!” Lee Woodbury, Deputy Director, YWCA of Greater Lawrence, Lawrence, MA

As a CEO of a mid-sized not-for-profit, I have had many occasions to hear inspirational trainers across the country and abroad, however Carrie Stack surpasses them all. Carrie has the amazing ability to impact each of my 120 staff members as if each was the only person in the room. Her messages resonate with individuals from all walks of life and inform one’s professional and personal life equally. Carrie returns to Pathways once or twice a year by popular demand, each time leaving a stronger and more resilient and unified team.” Sue Todd, CEO, Pathways for Children, Inc., Gloucester, MA

“We were thrilled to bring Carrie Stack to Texas as the keynote speaker to kick-off our statewide literacy conference in August 2013.  Carrie spoke about the power of a positive mindset, a topic relevant to all audiences. Not only was Carrie inspirational, and provided some concrete tools on how to incorporate the positive in to work/life, she was incredibly funny.  Her keynote address was uniquely tailored to our audience of literacy providers and she was the perfect speaker to kick-off our conference, as attendees left the opening session feeling energized and excited about their work! (She also provided a workshop, to a packed room, and at the end people told her they wanted to start a petition to have her relocate to Texas!) We received extremely positive feedback about Carrie’s keynote address and workshop, and would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.” ~Lori Donley, Executive Director, Literacy Texas

“Carrie Stack offered a terrifically engaging and interactive two hour workshop at the Enterprise Center in Salem, MA.  Over 90 small and medium sized business owners came to understand how their personal attitudes both come across AND affect the willingness of other people to work with them, buy their services and more . Her basic message was that 100′s of people offer the same or similar products and services as you do, so the major thing that can differentiate you is your ‘attitude’ . Carrie brought energy and enthusiasm and strategy to the session.  She had people nodding in agreement, laughing and shaking their heads as they saw their own behaviors mirrored by her.  Carrie is fabulous at teaching and engaging people, and the attendees left with both a renewed sense of energy as well as a ‘to do’ list for them to use as they grow their business. We would have her back in a heartbeat.” ~Susan K. Moulton, Senior Programs & Mentor Manager, Enterprise Center at Salem State University

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop, I learned many helpful tools to apply in both my work and personal life. I took copious notes- and then even made a small presentation to the rest of my sales team later that day, as your words are very inspiring!” ~Tinia Suggs, Sales Manager, Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, MA

“In my capacity as both a local and regional director of membership-based economic development organizations in Essex County, I have had the privilege of working with Carrie several times. Each time she has presented, she has left the audience wanting more. Her lectures about emotional intelligence and self-care in the workplace are relevant to all industries. Carrie’s charisma and command of the human condition is bar none.”  ~Ann Marie Casey, Executive Director, North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Carrie Stack is an invaluable asset for any organization looking to boost or sustain morale as she employs innovative emotional intelligence techniques needed today in any organization. Carrie was asked to speak to our faculty & staff here at North Shore Community College this summer. Her words captivated the audience and she ignited energy and enthusiasm coupled with innovative concepts with how we may best serve our students, internal employees, external employers as well as our faculty & staff. Carrie has leadership qualities that you just cannot teach. We have all heard of the ‘it’ factor. Carrie has it!  I was fortunate to hear Carrie speak yesterday at a networking event for the second time. I learned new concepts yesterday and that is a true indication of her ability to motivate and lead others. One of those concepts is “to be present and to be your best self” each and every day in all that you do. The biggest compliment that I say about Carrie is that I have taken her tools and try to incorporate them in all that I do on a daily basis. Thank you Carrie!”  ~Mathew Qualter, Coordinator of Cooperative Education/Internships at North Shore Community College”

“Carrie was an amazing speaker at the NBCVB (North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau) lunch. She had us all involved and interested though the entire presentation. I left with a new perspective on work and life and owe it to Carrie. She gave us all tools to work with others and to stay positive.  Carrie’s enthusiasm and spark make her an excellent speaker and coach. I hope to work with her again in the near future.” ~Jennifer Close, Senior Marketing Specialist at the Peabody Essex Museum

“I recently had the great pleasure of seeing Carrie Stack at a national conference. Her beautifully inspiring and motivating presentation  dealt with many of life’s stresses in a realistic and humorous way.  Subsequently, I invited Carrie to give a presentation to my GED and ESOL students who were either moving forward or graduating.  In a room filled with students, teachers, directors, executive directors, CEO’s etc., her message of forging forward and staying positive resonated with everyone in the room.  Her powerful, passionate, and compassionate delivery made everyone realize that no matter who we are, or where we are in our lives, we all suffer adversity, but it’s how we handle our hardships that makes all the difference in the world.  She is truly a unique and positive force.” ~Lori D’Alleva, Director, Charlestown Adult Education, Charlestown, MA

“Carrie Stack, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, what was all this hoopla  about? Persistence from my administrators had me contacting Carrie to be the opening day keynote speaker.  She was a blast, people are still talking about her keynote and using the lingo!  Her message resonated. Now I understand the excitement around her and wished the school department could have had her for a longer period of time. Thank you Carrie for your keynote at our school district’s opening day kick off.” ~Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Augusta, Maine

“Carrie Stack established a new benchmark for professional development in the district, with which all future training will be judged on. She was able to provide skills/tools in a way staff was able to successfully internalize, and can then replicate when dealing with children/adults within both a school and community setting. In regards to training, the feedback from her workshop has been the most positive I have experienced in many years. She uses humor, concrete strategies, and has a knowledgeable and inclusive approach which effectively engages all participants. Overall, an absolutely outstanding training.” Richard Pelletier, M.S., C.A.G.S., Director of Student Services

“Carrie was a pleasure to work with in the planning of our conference presentations.  She listened to our needs and tailored a keynote presentation plus a workshop that fit our school audience wonderfully.  She was so much fun to work with and so REAL!  Participants and planning committee members from the Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion Program conference (June 2013) shared in their evaluations and feedback, ‘What a wonderful keynote!  You engaged us and had us laughing with each other; making connections along with giving us some wonderful, practical tools we can use for ourselves personally and with our teams.  You were amazing!  Keep the well full was one of the best messages!’  Thank you Carrie!” ~Susan Berry, Maine Department of Education, Health Education and Health Promotion Coordinator

“As a regional nonprofit affordable housing organization, our staff are scattered throughout New England. Carrie has done multiple trainings/workshops with us over the years, and each time she seems to strike a new cord in each person. Every staff member- new and old- finds relevance to their work and personal life that empowers them to be better people and professionals to the residents we serve each day.” Debbie Nutter, President and CEO, The Caleb Foundation/The Caleb Group

“I think Carrie’s approach to an audience is spot-on. She gathers attention, commands the room without overwhelming it, and goes with the flow better than most speakers I’ve seen.  She also approaches group exercises (never easy) with spirit, humor, and intelligence, never dismisses an opinion, and shows respect to all commentators. She also handles unexpected turns in the discussion with patience and aplomb.  Handling a group as large and talkative as ours was no easy task.  On two different occasions, Carrie managed us beautifully without losing her cool or her place in the progression of the presentation. She showed that she has the experience, grace, and wit to ease a participant gently out of a too-long monologue and get the discussion back on track.   A top-shelf trainer and presenter.” Francie King, Principal, HistoryKeep, Marblehead, MA

“Carrie is one of the professionals that keep me going! Her enthusiasm, insight, directness and overall brilliance helped motivate me to grow as a manager. She is a master trainer and talented personal coach, and every nonprofit should do themselves a favor and engage Carrie’s services.” Jim Ryan,  Director of Training and Development

“I was at your presentation and I still think about many of the things you said, but especially ‘people who feel good about others will gather information about the world that reinforces that belief and conversely those who feel negative will do the same thing.’   It hit home about our own attitude can and does profoundly affect who we are in the world and how effective we are in our relationships.  I also found your approach to emotional intelligence accessible, spot on, playful and profound.  Your presentation was memorable and you appear to live what you teach. I believe that so many groups, from leaders of major companies, to teachers, and those in the public sector, ie., government workers, would benefit from your seminars.” Deborah Greel, Executive Director, Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead, MA

“As the Executive Director of a multi-site, multi program social service agency, I have found Carrie Stack to be an invaluable asset in training and team building, as well as inspiring, motivating and communicating our program goals and philosophy to all staff. She possesses a remarkable set of training, communication and interpersonal skills which empower her to engage, captivate and challenge staff during her sessions. My staff always looks forward to Carrie’s training, as she makes each session productive, enjoyable and informative! Carrie is always prepared and encourages and receives staff ‘buy in’ and participation. Moreover, she offers advice, counsel and feedback to me, which I find exceptionally useful. In short, Carrie Stack is one of the best, if not the best, in her field!” Cynthia Christ, Executive Director, Gregg Neighborhood House, Lynn, MA

“Carrie has boundless optimism which is balanced by sharp, critical analysis of any situation.  She comes into the room and people are immediately engaged by her down-to-earth manner.  Our staff wants to “come along” with her because she infuses a “can do” attitude and clarity of mission into whatever goal-setting or team-building tasks lay before us.  She currently is working with individuals, small teams and the whole staff of RAW.  She deftly assesses the current position of whichever part of our staff she is working with, and gets right to the issues, helping to identify their assets, short- and long-term goals, and helps to craft practical action plans. Her emphasis is on plans that are living entities, not forms to be filed away. Her reputation precedes her, she is held in high regard by every Executive Director and management team leader with whom we have spoken.” Kit Jenkins/Executive Director and Mary Flannery/Founder, Raw Art Works, Lynn, MA

“Carrie is wonderful. She provides so many concrete ideas and images about maintaining a positive attitude- from unhitching the u-haul trailer that many of us carry around, to keeping our wells full so we can be resilient to enjoy our journeys and manage the challenges. She is funny and direct! Her playful manner allows her to guide people over hurdles and move forward. She helps you remember to say ‘yes’ more and more often! When I got home I couldn’t wait to share all the anecdotes I could remember, and we laughed all the way through dinner! I’m going through some major work transitions right now and your presentation was wonderful. Thank you.” -Michael Weiss, Principal, Michael Weiss Designs, Marblehead, MA

“Carrie Stack’s simple, yet riveting, philosophy in which she calls ‘See it, Say it, Share it’ is a powerful piece of advice that absolutely every human being should adopt!” ~Alex Dominguez, Model, Boston, MA

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