Becoming You…

Becoming You…

“What you get
by achieving your goals
is not as important
as what you become
by achieving your goals.”

Zig Ziglar

She had a disclaimer for every goal she had reached…
why it wasn’t a hard goal,
why it wasn’t a big deal,
why it didn’t really matter.

Goal after goal,
she minimized and marginalized her successes.
So, we did a review of what she had accomplished-
a list that she thought was tedious and completely unnecessary.
We covered the goals she had reached, and how she went about reaching them.

When it was complete
(knowing that there was still a lot we missed!),
she looked at it and she was surprised when the tears slowly slid down her face.
“I guess I never knew….” she said.

She didn’t know.
How could she?
She has never slowed down long enough
to look back and congratulate herself on how far she has come.

Who is she?
“She” could be any one of us….

We don’t slow down.
We don’t make enough (or any!) time
to reflect,
to appreciate,
to celebrate
our lives.

Today, take the time to notice what you have accomplished
and what goals you have reached in your life.
Not every goal was easy, so what made you successful?

You know what’s interesting?
It’s not always reaching the goal that brings the most joy, is it?
Sometimes it’s remembering what it took to get there…
And that is where we often find the most pride.