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People. We live with them, raise them, love them, work with them, sometimes have to supervise them- but we don’t always know how to handle them. They can bring the most joy, and the most stress, to life. Individual coaching is done in person, or on Skype/Facetime, and focuses on setting/reaching goals, and often includes working on developing key people skills- to help find & focus on the positive in people in our lives, at home and at work.

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For 25 years Carrie has been creating and leading training/workshops on a range of personal/professional topics, including self-care, communication, conflict resolution, boundaries, burnout, supervision skills, emotional intelligence, goal setting, as well as all things related to kids/teens/parenting. All training is interactive and centered on skills/tools participants can immediately use and apply- to like life (& the people in it) a little more.

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Carrie loves traveling the country talking to people about how to find & focus on the positive in life- at home and at work. She has shared her interactive keynote presentation focused on the Power of the Positive with thousands of people at national conferences and presentations across the country. Using humor & interactive activities she engages audiences with concrete skills/tips and tools focused on building emotional intelligence (people skills).

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About Carrie Stack

Carrie Stack, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Coach, author and motivational speaker with 25 years of experience providing people with skills and tools to make positive changes in their lives. Founder of the Say Yes Institute (SYI), a company focused on building emotional intelligence skills through training and coaching, Carrie has shared her “people skills” strategies with thousands of people across the country who are looking to build more positive and powerful relationships, both at home and at work.

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Whether you are looking for one-on-one executive coaching, a keynote speaker to inspire your audience, or team-building / training for your team,  CARRIE STACK can help develop key emotional intelligence skills to shift to the positive and achieve powerful results.

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