Coaching with Carrie Stack

What is coaching?

Coaching simply means you are engaged in the process of working with another person to help you get clear on what you want, why you want it, and how you are going to get it. It can be around personal or professional goals and the process/progress is determined by the client, not the coach!

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How does it work?

Coaching can be done in person (at the SYI office in Salem, MA), or on the phone. The length of the coaching relationship is determined by the client and the goals they are interested in reaching.

Who goes to coaching?

Individual clients are interested in working 1:1 with a life coach to set concrete, measurable goals with a high level of accountability

OK, but can you tell me WHO you have coached? What kinds of people? I want to know if you’ve coached someone like me before!

Who have past clients been? Clients have been senior managers, entrepreneurs, authors, trainers, counselors, high school students, college students, work from home mothers and musicians. They have been over 65 years old, under 15 years old and have been male, female, some with doctorate degrees, some with GED’s. They have been trying to get through school, start a business, finish a book, take control of their health or make a massive life change. They have wanted to get in to, or out of a relationship. They wanted to set goals and set limits. They have all been interested in moving forward and making progress in issues that are important to them, and they wanted outside help to make sure they got there.

How can I get more information or set up an appointment for coaching?

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about individual coaching.

What kind of topics have you focused on with clients?

SYI clients have focused on a range of personal/professional topics, including:

  • Management/Supervision Skills (Experienced Mangers/New Supervisors)
  • Career Advancement (Promotions/Relocating/Raise)
  • Job Search/Interview Skills
  • Starting a Business
  • Personal Goals (music, writing, art, etc.)
  • Relationships (getting in to/out of a relationship, family, friends, etc)
  • Addressing Conflict (Home/Work)
  • Health/Wellness/Stress (Setting Limits/Saying “No”)
  • Home/Family/Parenting
  • Young People
  • Middle School Students: Preparing for High School/Choosing a High School
  • High School Students: Goal Setting, Handling Stress Choices/Challenges/Pressures in Life, College Prep
  • College Students: Stress/Pressure, Goal Setting, Job Search
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