Believe in Your Power

Believe in Your Power

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you
the strength, the patience, and the passion
to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Harriet Tubman

I was asked what I think made some people so successful, and what my advice would be to those who feel like they aren’t quite where they want to be (personally or professionally) in the world.

This is an interesting question, which addresses some of the main obstacles that people face in achieving a goal.

So many people aren’t able to name what they want, which explains why they might feel stagnant or stuck. Defining a goal, clearly and fully, is the (crucial!) first step to reaching it!

Some will go so far as to articulate a goal, or dream, but then quickly add some kind of disclaimer after it, such as, “as if that could ever happen,” or, “not like that’s realistic, right?”

It’s as if they don’t want to claim something that they might not have a right to, or they don’t want to appear as if this is something they believe that they can, should or could get.

The key piece in success, and achieving goals and dreams, is the belief that one can.
Believe in your power.

Have complete faith in your ability to do it, and your full right to have it.
No apologies, no minimizing your potential, no limitations.
Believe in your dreams, your ability and your success.
I think that is the secret that makes people successful.
I don’t think it’s luck, or connections.
It’s not birth order, or lineage.
It’s not some kind of secret society that is currently not accepting new members.

Believing in your ability to do something,
whatever that is,
is the single most important determinant factor in determining your success.

So, the question becomes,
Do you believe...
in you?