Endless opportunities to give.

Endless opportunities to give.

“A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.” Author: Unknown Amazing, isn’t it? We aren’t lessened by what we give, we are greater for it. Love, compassion, respect, patience… When we take care of ourselves, we never run out of these, yet so many ration these out as if they are about to. Some feel like showing too much is a sign of weakness. Others feel like they need to be careful, because there is only so much to give. One needs only talk to a mother of one child, who has another, to understand how love just grows. She will express feeling fear that surely she will not be able to love another child as much as the first, yet when the second child arrives, she finds that her capacity to love has exponentially increased. How does that happen? Simple. These are not finite resources. We each have an endless reserve, which continues to be refilled as we give and share of ourselves. This possibility opens the door to some self-reflection this holiday season:

  • How can you give back?
  • Where can you share more of yourself? (Not to diminish your power and your strength, but to increase it!)

We could all benefit from allowing more of ourselves in to the world. How are you going to share more of you?