Sometimes we are very harsh over time that we feel that we may have wasted

or decisions that we made in our past that we now regret.

We can never move forward if we are holding ourselves hostage to our yesterdays.

Yesterday is over, and what is done, is done.

We cannot go back, but we need to remember that the choices we made were the best choices we could make based on what we knew, or where we were at the time.

The power that we have lies in knowing that we have today, and all of our tomorrows, to go forward with greater insight and increased clarity around what our goals are, and how we will reach them.

We must forgive ourselves for all of the “mistakes” or “regrets” that we hold on to.

Where we are today is because of where we have been, and we are exactly where we need to be in order to move forward.

What are you holding on to from yesterday?

Are there any pieces of you or your life that warrant forgiveness?

Can you work on letting it go?

Ways to work towards forgiveness:

1. Write a letter…to who you were at that time, and offer yourself forgiveness.

2. Say it out loud and talk it through…what it meant to you yesterday, and how you’ve grown to where you are today.

3. Talk about this with the people in your world. Ask them if they have ever done something in their lives that required self-forgiveness.  Listen to their experiences and grow through their learning.

4. Come up with a symbolic gesture or act of your own, that for you, signifies letting go.

There is freedom in forgiveness.

Forgive yourself today…for everything.

You won’t forget what you learned, but you will forgive yourself for the imperfections in your learning process.