Have you embraced the rocks yet?

Have you embraced the rocks yet?

“Without difficulties life would be like a stream without the rocks or curves.”

Tao of Pooh

Nobody wants to go through it.
Nobody seems to welcome or embrace conflict, struggle, difficulty or challenge.
Why is that?
Is it really logical to expect that everything that is attempted, wanted or desired or done will come with grace, ease and minimal effort?

What if the challenges were part of the beauty of the journey, just as the rocks add to the stream?

What if they were a key part of life, and the balance of our world?

What if we could actually admit that the rocks add immense value?
And, what if we went so far as to say that without the rocks, there would be a tremendous loss in the experience of the stream…
of our lives?”

Instead of being something to fear, avoid or agonize over, welcome the rocks.

Instead of trying to avoid them, be grateful when you encounter them.

Please remember:

  • There is beauty in all parts of the scenery.
  • There is value in all experiences in our lives.

May you find the wonder in all parts of the stream…and enjoy all that comes with it.