Health and Happiness~

Health and Happiness~

A close friend was talking about the past year, as she moved on from a long term relationship. She said that the past year was all about, “rebuilding and recovering.” Her efforts and energy were spent rebuilding her life alone, and recovering from the loss of the end of the relationship. Moving on after a relationship ends takes time and, although we desperately would love an easy out, there is no way to get through it without going through it…

My friend did a lot of “rebuilding and recovering” over the past year. She bought a new condo on her own, and then a new car. She got a promotion through a new job, and really started to expand her private practice. She consciously spent time and energy focused on redefining her life, and she has done an amazing job.

As we talked, she said that she had a new mantra for this year…
Health and Happiness.
She said that as she was faced with decisions, she would ask herself two simple questions, “does this add to my health?” and/or, “does this make me happy?”
Two basic questions…with life changing answers!

She is committed to thoughfully moving herself to another level in life. She knows where she wants, and needs, to focus on and she is invested in achieving success in that area. Her clarity and focus is inspiring!
Here’s to her year of Health and Happiness!

Do you have a mantra for your life?
What is it you want to focus on?

Remember, it’s your life…you get to decide what you bring in to it!