I’m not sure how to say this…

I’m not sure how to say this…

I’m not sure how to say this, but…I shut down a little this year and put up the white flag around all things positive.
I wasn’t fully living and breathing the parts of life that I know to be true about focus/perspective- and it took it’s toll on me.
Big time.

I know our world is full of people living out the most breathtakingly beautiful acts of kindness, generosity, and love. I know compassion and respect and grace and humility can be found in jaw-dropping abundance all around us. And yet.

And yet, I wasn’t focusing on that magic of humanity.
I was a little bit (ok, I was more like A LOT) spinning in the parts of the human experience that break my heart.
The anger.
The hypocrisy.
The judgement.
The fear.

It felt like I was rapidly losing my footing and I could not seem to get it back- so I was lying low for a while.
I still did some keynotes and training, but I focused more on smaller groups and individual clients while I thought about how to regroup. Personally and professionally I knew I needed to put effort to shift my lens and work on consciously seeing all of the “wow” in our world, because while intellectually I always knew it was there, I just couldn’t see it beyond the whirl of negativity I felt our country was lost in.

What did I do? I did a lot to shift my mood, my focus, and my energy. Concrete things like meditation, yoga, seeing friends more & laughing, reading anything I could to expand my perspective…
But the biggest thing I did?
I took the initiative to live out what I felt was in short supply.
The compassion, love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, respect, and grace that I was so angry about NOT seeing? I simply paid attention to how I could do it. As often as I could, as big as I could, as consistently as I could.
Sounds simple, but it was a profound shift and I am wildly grateful to be more in alignment now.

Some may wonder why I’m sharing this. I actually had someone say to me, “What is WRONG with you?! You get paid to be positive- you can’t share this with people! Nobody wants to hear this from you!”

But that’s the thing…
I think that is exactly why I want to share this.
We are all navigating this human experience- and finding/feeling the positive isn’t a “one and done” thing where you just arrive in a place of bliss where you forever live…
The magic of this life journey is the ebb and flow of it all. The yin and yang of life.
The beauty of our joy is able to be fully felt because we also know the pain of heartbreak, pain, and losing our way.

This fall is booked with people and places where I will go and share all of my tips/tools and strategies with people interested in learning how to find and feel the “wow” in life-even when it’s really, really, REALLY hard to see it.
Because, well, that’s something I actually know a little bit about…

Here’s to the full constellation of emotions encompassing this human experience. 🙂
And, here’s to an amazing fall…