It is not there…

It is not there…

“You must try to generate happiness within yourself.
If you aren’t happy in one place,
chances are you won’t be happy any place.”

Ernie Banks

She was moving…again.
He was getting in to the fourth relationship in three years.
She was leaving her job…again.
He was convinced that things would be better, and make more sense, if he became a father.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it?
“There” always seems to be better than “here,” wherever there might be…
We create romanticized visions of how much better life would be…
or how different…
or how exciting…
or how happy we would be, “if only…”

But, the thing we never consider is,
wherever we go,
there we are…

If you’re not happy in Des Moines, what makes you think that you’re going to now be happy in Tulsa?
There are still bills to pay, food shopping to do, rainy days, car troubles, bad haircuts, draining bosses…

If you’re on your fourth relationship in three years, what makes you think the fifth one is going to be magical?
What are you looking for?

You say you hate your job, and you need to leave…again, but you can’t say what it is that was wrong, or what would make it right. But, you are frantically searching and interviewing, convinced paradise is out there.

So many convince themselves that they need to get out of “here” here in order to be happy.
What happens to too many is that once they get “there,” they find out quickly that things feel disappointingly familiar.

What if the most important change actually takes place within YOU?
Some things to think about:

  1. Change is a great thing and something to be encouraged in life!
  2. There is a potential for great movement and growth when we make a significant change.
  3. There is another side to change: Frequent or unpredictable change often means we are running… so the question becomes, from what?
  4. Think about what you change in your life, and how you do it. Make sure the change in your life is taking you to the NEXT level…and is not just a succession of lateral movements!Hint: If you have the same complaints about each job, each relationship, each area of the country you move to, you’re changing the wrong things!
    The change needs to be in YOU!