It’s time to dance.

It’s time to dance.

“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.”

Jackson Brown

Did you go to the dance, but you’re hiding in the bathroom?
Or, have you just skipped the dance all together, deciding to stay home (safely) on the couch…again?
How many of us crave a chance to be on the dance floor, but we never allow ourselves to get on it?
How many of us dream of a different way of living and being, yet we consistently hide from the opportunity to do so?

Whether we are staying in a job that doesn’t inspire us,
or a relationship that doesn’t nurture us, how will anything change if we insist that nothing changes?
Opportunity for growth and change is there, but where are we? Are we ready for action, or are we hiding from it?

We must show up for life if we are going to live it!
In order to dance, there are a few things we need to do:
1.  We must acknowledge we are interested in dancing.
2.  We must get ready to dance.
3.  We must show up where the dancing will be.
4.  And, when the music starts, we absolutely must dance!

How refreshing to note that it really is that simple?
Get off the couch…
& stop hiding
in the bathroom and in the shadows of the dance floor.

Show up for your life.
Get on the dance floor and when the music starts