Jump In to Your Life~

Jump In to Your Life~

“Today is life- the only life you are sure of.
Make the most of today.
Get interested in something.
Shake yourself awake.
Develop a hobby.
Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you.
Live today with gusto.”

Dale Carnegie

What would happen if you jumped in to your life, fully and without reservation?
So many hold back…in so many ways…for so many reasons…

Some of the most common reasons we hear are:

  • I really just don’t have time…
  • I have responsibilities you know…big, important, all consuming responsibilities!
  • This is life, and life is hard (challenging, difficult, depressing etc…) for everyone, so why would I expect mine to be any different?
  • I am going to do things differently one of these days… just not today (or not yet, or not now).

These are all great excuses, reasons and justifications. And, you can hold on to them if they are working for you.
BUT, if you feel like life has be to happier than this, or more than this, you are RIGHT.
It can be.
But, only if you want it.

Here are some areas to think about:
Where do you hold back?
Where are you feeling like you are missing something?
What parts of your life need more joy?
Shine light on those areas…and decide that you are now going to find (and feel) the joy there…

It’s a wild thought to think that it really IS that easy!

Today, just jump in to your life.
Take a running leap in to the joy that is there waiting for you.