Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

“Playing it safe is the riskiest choice we can ever make.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

If you never push yourself,
you’re never know what you’re capable of doing.
You’ve played it safe, for a long time,
in so many areas of your life.
Playing it safe means you aren’t really playing at all..
you’re watching.

Sometimes it can work to stay nestled in that place,
but that restless feeling of discontent that you have
is telling you it’s time to shake things up.
It’s time to do some things differently…
It’s time to do something new!

Life has been comfortable and familiar,
but you aren’t feeling any differently than you did two years ago…
six years ago…
eleven years ago…

The gap between where you are,
and where you want to be,
is where the growth takes place.
It is also the gap that can be very scary to move through
and move beyond.

This is an encouragement to honestly look at your life,
and celebrate where you feel most alive.
THEN this is an encouragement to put some energy and attention
in to the areas that feel flat, uninspiring or limiting.

Give yourself opportunities to take risks, take chances and be pushed.
Be open to the feelings of not being perfect at something,
as you struggle to learn something new.

The moments we are most proud of in life
are not the ones when we were resting in our comfort zones…
they are the times we left it.

In some way, leave your comfort zone today…
you deserve it!