Let it go.

Let it go.

“Never let yesterday use up today.”

Richard H. Nelson

How many people are living life angry, frustrated or unhappy…
about something that happened yesterday
or last week
or eight years ago?!!

It is amazing how stuck we can get in the negative.
We continue to keep it alive as we think about it and talk about it…long after it has passed…
as if that is going to change the situation!
It happened, and it’s over.

Why do you insist on dragging it around with you still?
It’s not going to to change the outcome.
It’s not going to alter what has occurred.
All it does is clog up your time and your energy today.
Nothing good comes from letting yesterday (or yesterYEAR) eat up your life right now.

Stop letting it.

Would it help to just say, “you were right…!”


    • Your boss was rude to you in the meeting…


    • The salesclerk did treat you disrespectfully…


    • He should have called you back…


    • She shouldn’t have said that about you…


    • That blue car did cut you off…


    • The fender bender wasn’t your fault…


If you were right about it all, then could you let it go? Then be right, and then move on.
When you hold on to struggles and issues from yesterday, you’re missing your life today.

That doesn’t do anything except make the situation bigger and more powerful than it really was…

Let it go.

For you, your sanity and your life, just let it go.