Living…or just thinking?

Living…or just thinking?

“You cannot plough a field
by turning it over
in your mind!”


There is a point to planning, and thinking, and developing a direction in which you will head.
But, for many, they stay there…for too long (and some stay there forever!).

You cannot iron out all the wrinkles from the couch.
You cannot do everything in your head, or on paper.
At some point, you need to DO it, whatever “it” is.

Some things to think about:

  • What goals are you currently planning to reach?
  • How long have you been in this phase?
  • Is it time to do something now?
  • What will your first action be?

Know that you won’t have it all figured out before you start, but surprisingly, most things somehow get figured out once they are in motion…

Today, if you are ready, take a step.
Make a movement.
Do something.
(And, if that scares you, know that tomorrow you can go back to the couch, and spend more of your life thinking….)