Look up, you’ll see more.

Look up, you’ll see more.

“If the whole world followed you
would you be pleased with where you took it?”

Neal Donal Walsch

In life, where are you looking?
Many of us are looking down,
focused only on the immediate, concrete tasks awaiting us…
It is important to stay on top of daily living requirements,
as life could deteriorate in to chaos if we didn’t!

But, how many of us also then make time to pause,
take a breath, look up and notice where we are heading?
How many of us allow ourselves the opportunity to think about life
with a much broader perspective,
with room to see more
more of where we’re heading…
more of what we can be…
more of who we are?

Life is an amazing balance of simultaneously holding both pieces…
our today and our tomorrows.

Today, do something differently.
Take time, whether it is five minutes,
or three hours, to take stock in your “bigger picture.”
Notice what you are grateful for,