Misplaced Barometer

Misplaced Barometer

What is a Barometer….and where is mine??

We all have a barometer that gives us feedback as to whether or not we are successful, or have done a good job, or if things are on track. But, have you ever wondered where your barometer is? Does it live safely within you, providing you feedback based on your values, your definition of success, your standards? For too many of us, that barometer does not live internally, as it should….it resides in an external place that is defined, monitored and maintained by outside forces.

  • Did we do a good job? We wait to hear if we did from a boss.
  • Are we beautiful? We don’t know unless we hear it from our significant other.
  • Are we a good mother? Depends on what the talk shows report and what teachers say at parent conferences.
  • Are we happy? That will depend on what our friends think- because they’ll tell us if things are going well or not.

What is that about? Why are we seeking and allowing external validation to confirm our choices, actions and decisions? Is that something that we consciously decided to do? Most likely not. But, we can consciously decide to challenge…and change where our information comes from.

Questions to think about/answer:

  • Where is your barometer?
  • How do you determine if you are happy, successful and going in the right direction for you?
  • Where are you getting feedback?
  • What do you do with the feedback?
  • If you have an external barometer, what are you going to do to shift it to an internal place, where it needs to be?