Name Your Direction

Name Your Direction

Just because you don’t name the direction, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going in one….

I have explored this topic with people over the years, in many different ways, and it never ceases to surprise me when I see how many of us live our lives as if we have no idea, and no control, over where we are heading.

Imagine if we all held on to the belief that we are, as hard as this is to believe, all actually in charge of deciding our direction in life?

Because, whether or not we think it, or believe it, or even know it, we all are moving… in a direction. Our action, or inaction, contributes to where we will ultimately go.

Wouldn’t you love to be aware of where you are going, and that you are going somewhere that you want to be?

Think about your life, and the parts of your life that are important to you…what direction are you moving in?

Remember, if you don’t name the direction it doesn’t mean that you aren’t moving…you still are.

1. Think about your personal time…

Are you doing things that support you, inspire you and motivate you?

2. How about your relationships with friends, family, significant other?

Are your relationships where you want them to be?

3. What about your career?

Are you heading in a direction that excites you? What decisions/actions are you taking that helps move you to where you want to go?

And, equally as important, if you aren’t heading in the direction that you want, how are you going to slow things down and get control?

Remember…your life is moving in a direction…so name it…control it…OWN IT!

It’s your life….you get to decide where you’re going!