On the move~

On the move~

“Little by little, one travels far.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

She said that she didn’t feel like she was making progress. She swore that nothing had changed, and she had been doing nothing…
not one single thing to make her life more of what she wanted.

As we were talking she started naming what had changed in the past year,
and we were both amazed at the list…

  • Her job….changed. She started her own business.
  • Her housing…changed. She bought a condo on her own.
  • Her relationship…changed. It wasn’t what she wanted and she ended it.

She didn’t give herself credit for what HAD changed,
because she was focused on what she felt had NOT changed.

She still didn’t feel like she was focusing on health and weight loss, like she had said she wanted to.
She still didn’t feel like she had made progress financially, in savings and future planning around retirement.
She still didn’t feel like she had been able to organize her time, and her activities, in a way that made her feel successful.

By focusing on what had not changed, she didn’t give herself credit for what had….
And, little by little, she had made great strides over the past year, and she had missed it.

Today, take time to notice all that you have, instead of have not, done.
You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find…
as you celebrate, little by little,
the milestones you have reached,
the successes you have had, and

the distance you have covered!