~ Rising Above ~

~ Rising Above ~

“A certain amount of opposition is a great help to man.
Kites rise against, not with the wind.”

John Neal

Many approach struggle, or resistance, as a negative to be avoided at all costs. Whether it’s an individual facing some kind of challenge in their personal life, or it’s a team at a business or agency facing obstacles, this is an area that make many people uncomfortable and full of anxiety.

What if we could all remember this quote about kites, and apply it to our lives?

Try this on and see how it feels for you~
Resistance is not something to be feared, or avoided…
Resistance is something that is welcomed in our lives, because in moving through it we will soar higher than we ever thought possible.
Through our perseverance, our efforts and our faith in the process, we will come out on the other side…and we will be better and stronger for it. As an individual, as a team, this is something that can move us to a better place.

How do you address opposition in your life?
Do you believe in the possibility that opposition is an opportunity for growth?

If you doubt the wisdom in this quote, or don’t know if you believe it, go sit at a park or a beach and watch the kites. Watch all ages hold the strings, eyes on the sky, as their kites bravely ride the winds.

As they soar effortlessly about us,
they are proof in the power of going against the wind…
they are a reminder that it works…
and it’s a beautiful thing.


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