“It is impossible
not to feel good about yourself
if you make someone smile.”

Enzo D’Alimonte

Today, instead of thinking about the “what” (what you have to do…what is overdue…what should be done and what you haven’t done) spend some time thinking about the “who.”

Who matters to you?
Who haven’t you talked to in too long?
Who would love to hear your voice?
And, who could you spend some time with that could make you laugh…laugh in that out of control way that makes you feel like you’re 12 years old again?
THAT is what life is about…
it really is about the “who.”

So, before another day goes by with your focus on the list of what you need to accomplish,
take some time to think about who you want to see…
Memories created and shared with the ones we love are always going to mean more than a crossed off “to do” list, aren’t they? Sometimes we forget that there really is nothing better than people, is there?

Today, forget your list!
Take time to enjoy who is in your world
and spend some time (laughing!) with some of your favorites!


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