So many reasons not to.

So many reasons not to.

I attribute my success to this –
I never gave or took any excuse.

Florence Nightingale

Would you set out on a drive down this road?
There are so many reasons not to…
It appears to be an endless, deserted road and the sky looks unpredictable.
That’s enough for a lot of us to say that the trip is over here!

We are absolutely genius at figuring out why we won’t be able to do something.
We really do have reasons and justifications (which, if we were honest, are all excuses)
detailing why we just simply can’t…

We tirelessly work at coming up with valid and compelling reasons why something won’t work,
or why we won’t succeed,
or why it can’t be done.

We spend so much energy making sure that we have convinced ourselves (and everyone else!)
that our our excuses are valid, worthy and correct, that we have no energy left to spend on the other side…
which could be an amazing place to see!