Staying Afloat in the Waves of Life

Staying Afloat in the Waves of Life

Awhile ago I had dinner with a group of friends and we were talking about life, and how we handle or deal with things.

One friend was talking about how grateful she is that she doesn’t usually stay “down” when things don’t go as she had hoped.

She said that whatever happens, she just pops back up again, like a buoy in the ocean of life.

Life situations and circumstances just aren’t strong enough to take her over or keep her spirits down.

Like a little buoy…in spite of the waves, or the force of the sea, she will always come back up. Regardless of what comes, she just stays afloat!

We all laughed, but thinking about it later, it was a profound metaphor for life.

How many of us can say that we have a fundamental belief in our abilities to handle rough seas and still manage to stay afloat?

How many of us have faith in who we are- to the degree that it will enable us to weather any storm?

We are all impacted by our environments.

Our strength and success lies in our ability to know that:

Even when the waves hit, we always can and always will rise to the surface again.