Thanking the Challenges.

Thanking the Challenges.

“When I’m having trouble with someone,
it’s a sure sign that person is exactly the gift I am needed in my life.
Sometimes it takes me years to write the thank you note though!”


She was recently challenged in a way that pushed her to question all that she was,
and all that she wanted.
She was angry about being pushed in this way,
as she was someone who was very clear about her life.
She wasn’t prepared for this kind of work,
nor was she appreciative when she was in the midst of it.
She was anxious, and thrown.
At points she wasn’t sure if she could stay and see this challenge through.

But, she did.

And, because of that, she came out on the other side stronger,
and more confident about everything she had been questioned on.
At the end of the day she was thankful that she went through it.

What is the lesson?

Sometimes we don’t choose the challenge…
Sometimes we don’t understand the challenge…
Most times we would prefer that we didn’t have to go through it at all…

But, when it is over, more often than not,
we are better for having been through it.

May you take the time to reflect on how you have grown (despite your protests!),
when you were challenged…
and say, “thank you” for the opportunities you were given
to become more of YOU.

it is a gift, and a strength, to celebrate all of the lessons we learn in life…
in whatever form they take.