The Answers

The Answers

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.”
Joan Baez

Sometimes we can be impatient.
We want what we want…now.
We don’t want to work at it.
We don’t want to wait for it.
We want to know the answers.
We want to have the results.
We want every dream to come true… every day.

While it is important to believe that we deserve what we desire, the need for immediate gratification can sabotage any goal or dream. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, even though we really wanted it.
Sometimes we get something different, that we didn’t know we even wanted.
Sometimes we get something even better.
Sometimes the answers don’t come easily.
Sometimes answers don’t seem to come at all.

That doesn’t mean give up.
It often means, keep looking…keep going…keep searching.
As long as you keep showing up for life, one day the answers you seek will be there.
It may take time, but they will come.

May these two men remind you that every step of your journey in life (though the mist, through the haze, through the years…компютри втора употреба) is worth taking. Continue asking, searching and living  and trust the answers will come. ~