The Fantasy of Forever

The Fantasy of Forever

We all have dreams that we have tucked away…

Dreams that we’re going to live some day…one day…and we have forever to wait for them to come true…

Imagine if our fantasy of having “forever” was uncovered for the hoax that it actually is. We don’t have forever…we have “today,” and “right now!”

If you are keeping your dreams locked up tight, for that day in the future when it will be time to unveil them, you may be playing a high stakes gamble that won’t pay off for you.

Forever is a sham…a myth…a dangerous inertia that keep too many women living complacent lives that aren’t all that they want them to be!! We don’t have all the time in the world to get moving and get living.

What would happen if you started to unleash your magic on the world today? What if you decided to do it now? What would happen if you decided to finally:

  • Take a class
  • Open a business
  • Write the book that you’ve been carrying around in your head for the past ten years
  • Plant that garden
  • Volunteer at the agency that you always said, “one day” you’d like to volunteer at
  • Adopt a dog
  • Repaint your bedroom and donate all the clothes that you know you’ll never wear again
  • Called an old friend that you’ve lost touch with
  • Took time for a nap, or a walk….

What would happen?

If you know that you don’t have forever,what will you do with that knowledge?

Will you do anything differently?