The Miracle of Laughter.

The Miracle of Laughter.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
~e e cummings

At the end of your days, can you think back over the day and remember all the times you laughed?
Really laughed…
the kind of laugh that might be too loud, or goes on too long, and makes other people look at you (wishing they were you!)?
The kind of laughter that reminds you why life is worth showing up for?

If you can’t think of a time today, was there a time yesterday? Or, was it so long ago that you can’t quite place when…or why?

Laughing, at ourselves, at situations we find ourselves in, laughing at life, is key! Too many forget that. Too many quietly dismiss the benefits of laughter, opting instead for a more serious path. Forgoing laughter doesn’t make the journey easier, or help get you anywhere quicker.
It just makes it less fun.
Today, make it a point to laugh.
Try really hard to let yourself see the humor in you, and in your life.
You have nothing to lose….
And so much to gain.