The Other Side of a Problem.

The Other Side of a Problem.

“We are continually faced with great opportunities…
which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems!”

Margaret Mead

Some days we sit at our desks and become immobilized by the feeling that there are challenges and barriers that we will not be able to get over.

We are convinced that we will fail, or make a mess of things,
so we do nothing and hope that it will go away.
We may talk about stress, anxiety or despair around what must be done, and feel like we it just isn’t possible to meet the expectations or demands of the job.

But, what if we were to do a little re-framing with this?
What if we did a slight paradigm shift?
What if, (and this may be a stretch for some to see!) this was actually… an opportunity?!
What if we were actually fortunate to be faced with this issue, because, in some way, we are about to grow…
and learn something that will add value to our lives?

We are always most uncomfortable when we are out of our comfort zones…
and don’t have all the answers easily within reach.
However, the irony is, the only time we expand is when we are uncomfortable…
and forced to do something differently.

You have the tools and skills you need to figure out this issue.
And, the good news (great news!?) is that when you get to the other side, you will have developed additional tools, strengths, skills, experience, insight, learning….!

Next time you have a problem, try to rename it as an exciting opportunity you are fortunate to have…
because whether you view it as a problem,
or an opportunity, your frame of mind ultimately determines how it will impact you!