The Promise of Effort.

The Promise of Effort.

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”
Thomas Fuller

I have heard from so many people that public speaking is one of the biggest challenges that they face, and an area that so many desperately crave more confidence and comfort with, however few are interested in finding opportunities to practice this skill- in order to get to the place where it becomes easy!

Rarely do we excel at something the first time that we do it, yet we all crave instant, effortless expert status. We want to start at the top, in whatever we do. However, if you were to take inventory of all of the things that you expertly do (daily!) in your professional life, and your personal life, you would see that you weren’t always an expert. You would, most likely, have countless examples of ways that you stumbled, and failed, yet now you succeed.

To what do you attribute your success?

You kept going. Everything is difficult when you are just learning, or just starting. But, as you keep pushing yourself to try again, you develop skills and confidence, and it gets easier. You keep doing it, and things continue getting easier, until a day comes that you can’t remember that they once were hard!

This is very important to remember when leaving your comfort zone!

Whether you are starting a new job, doing a presentation for 100 people, painting your living room or cooking a new recipe, you might not be immediately successful. The first time might be painful, or frustrating. It could be messy, or even a disaster. But you will not panic, or throw in the towel. You will smile and say, “it’s going to be ok… because everything is difficult, until it becomes easy!” And you will try again…