The Truth~

The Truth~

“And life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be.”

Grandma Moses

She sat down and I could see her pain.
She was miserable.
She began talking and worked tirelessly to prove, in example after example, why she thought that life was unfair and that she deserved more.
She wanted happiness so desperately that it was heartbreaking when, year after year, it eluded her.
She cried for what she didn’t have, and thought she should have.
She was angry that she felt lost and chronicled her efforts over the years to try to figure out why.
She continuously compared herself to others and was thrown by the perceived injustice about what they had and she didn’t.

She detailed her search over the years…the elusive search for “it” that she never could master.
She searched in relationships, in books, in the mall…she searched everywhere she could think of for the secret answer that would tell her what she needed to know in order to find happiness and peace.

As she shot off her reasons, her justifications and her rationalizations for why things are the way they are in her world, a few things jumped out, over and over:

  • She didn’t see what was right in life.
  • She didn’t see what role she had to play in her own happiness.
  • She didn’t think she was doing anything wrong.
  • She had not intention in doing anything differently. (She wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of doing anything differently!)

Ultimately, what was so tragic was that she did not see that she had the world in her hand, and always had.

But there was nothing anyone could do to change this, because it was her life, and hers to live as she saw fit.

She didn’t want to explore ways to be in the world in a different way.
Ultimately, she didn’t want anything to change.

Watching her get up, I was reminded about the power of intention, the strength of a person’s will and how they both connect to shape a life.
Her intention was to be unhappy and she had the will to make that come true.

Happiness is a choice, and life truly is what we make it to be.

She was not ready, yet, to choose happiness.
I wish her well on her journey.


Wishing you the strength to claim the happiness you deserve,
and the power to make your life all that you want it to be…