There are no replicas~

There are no replicas~

“Live up to YOUR potential, instead of imitating someone else’s.
Martha Burgess

She wanted her daughter to be her own person.
She wanted her daughter to listen to her own voice, not the incessant clamoring of mass media, to determine her path.
She begged her daughter to believe that she is amazing and deserves respect and love from all of those that she brings in to her world.
She told her daughter that she will always live her life from a place of power.

What parent doesn’t want that for their child?

When asked if she, as the mother, listens to her own voice, she grew silent.
When asked if she only has people in her world that show her respect, and love, her eyes filled.
When thinking about the question, “do you live your life from a place of power?” the tears slid down her cheeks.

She desperately wanted her daughter to have more, and be more, than she ever was.
She knows what it’s like to feel less than, and to feel like you aren’t being true to yourself.
She lived with the reality of what happens when you accept less than you deserve.
She loved her daughter and wanted her to do it differently…
But, her daughter has been learning from her.
All these years her daughter has been watching her, and listening to her, and making sense of herself through the eyes of her mother.

The best gift we can give children is to live our lives the way we want them to live theirs.

She said she was going to do things differently now and there would be some changes made in her life.
She understood that what she did mattered more than what she said, and she needed to bring her own life in alignment with what she wanted for her daughter.

Sometimes we can love someone else enough that we will make change…
change that we may not have made if ours were the only life on the line!

Are you living your life in a way that mirrors all that you would want for your child?
Remember, they are watching and learning from you…
please be sure you are teaching them well.