Thought for today…

Thought for today…

“I’d rather be a failure at something I love,
than a success at something I hate.”

George Burns

One day a break at a training turned in to an interesting conversation…
A conversation about experiences that people enjoyed, but for a variety of reasons, wouldn’t let themselves do anymore…

  • One woman told me that she stopped singing in the fourth grade, because she was told that she didn’t have a good voice. She loved to sing, but she stopped…and that was over 30 years ago!
  • Another participant enjoyed roller blading, but didn’t think she had the skills to do it along the beach, because people would judge her…so, she stopped soon after learning.
  • One person talked about wishing she could take a painting class, but didn’t know how to paint and thought she’d be the worst painter in the class…so, she wouldn’t sign up.
  • Another shared that she wanted to make more pottery, which she loved, but said that her other pieces didn’t come out well…so, she refused to bother the teacher and take another class…

How heartbreaking is this?!
Story after story of experiences people won’t let themselves have, because they fear being less than perfect.

Is there anything that would love to do, but you avoid it,
because you are scared that you are not good enough?

What if you had permission to be less than perfect?
What if you had permission to be terrible at something (absolutely awful), and that was ok, because you enjoyed it? Would you do it?

Then give yourself permission…!

If you love to sing, belt it out…
If it’s painting you crave, grab a brush..
If you dream of being an author, start writing…

Whatever it is, do it.
It’s your life, give yourself the chance to live it!


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