“We must not allow the clock
and the calendar
to blind us to the fact
that each moment of life
is a miracle and a mystery.”

H. G. Wells

Today was the first day of daylight savings.
There is the camp that loves it, because it stays later an hour longer.
There are those that hate it, because the mornings will be darker.
Then, there are those that just lament the fact that they “lost” an hour today.

So many move through life feeling like they are “losing” time.
Our lives are grounded in the ticking hands that seem to threaten to steal our days, our lives, away from us.
We do not need to let the clock hijack our time, our attention or our energy.
We can pay attention to time, as a guide for our days, but we can also maintain our focus (and sanity!) in life by being present in the moment.
We can live fully present, and still be “on time” for life, and all that we need to do.

Notice where your time and energy is going.
What if the clock isn’t what’s causing you stress…?

The clock helps us to be where we need to be,
but once you’re there, are you present?
Try on the belief that you DO have enough time in the day,
and wherever you are, try just being there.
You’re missing a lot if you’re always (mentally) off to the next thing…

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