Unchartered Territory

Unchartered Territory

“Each moment is a place you’ve never been.”

mark strand

Does this help?
Does this give the permission (and the freedom) to being open to learning?
Does this hold the potential, the promise,
and the possibility for growth?

If each moment is a place you have never been, could that make room in life for you to accept any imperfections or errors you might make?
How about making it acceptable to have a little uncertainty, or apprehension, in your world?

So often we fight and resist any situation that we do not have complete mastery,
for fear of failing…or, just for fear of not fully knowing.

It can be so beautiful to be in a place we have never been…
but, too often we aren’t open to the beauty because we are consumed with anxiety!

We need not be perfect.
Nowhere is it expected that we are to know it all, be it all, or have done it all.

All the world asks of us,
in our personal and our professional lives,
is to be fully present and show up…
Because if we are living in the moment,
in this moment,
we’re always going to get it right.