“Waiting always seems longer
when you are relying on someone
to do something
you can do for yourself.”

Enzo D’Alimonte

A lot of us are waiting.
We are waiting for people at home to notice how much we do, and how much we give.
We are waiting for people at work to notice that we can do more, we should be paid more, we contribute more.
We are waiting for people in our lives to fix things, heal us,
make it better and fill in the holes that seem to have inside.
Ultimately a lot of us are waiting for the world to notice that we are here,
we matter and we make a difference.
You know what?
A lot of us are going to spend a long time waiting.

Any time we look for something on the outside, we are held hostage to something that may or may not happen.
We passively wait to see if we make the  list of what they notice, what they think matters and what they think is important
And so, we wait.
We wait for something that may not be said.
We wait for something that may or may not arrive.
We wait for something we want/need that we could or could not get.

Some of us spend our whole lives waiting…
And what happens we wait a long time for something?
We become cranky, agitated, frustrated, resentful.
We become hyper sensitive and desperate.
We become the person we never wanted to become.

Today, stop waiting.
If you want to be appreciated, tell people what that would look like for you.
If you want a raise or more responsibility, ask for it.
But, ultimately what you want,
to feel loved, valued and whole-
well, that something you give to yourself!
That simply can NOT come from anyone else.

(a lot of people don’t know that- so they’re going to keep waiting…)

You’ve been sitting patiently long enough-
Today, give yourself what you’ve been waiting for.
You deserve it.