What if there is no magic potion?

What if there is no magic potion?

“The problem in my life and other people’s lives is not
the absence of knowing what to do,
but the absence of doing it.”

Peter Drucker

What if there is no magic potion to success?
What if there is no secret society, where the successful gather to revel in the glory of their achievements?
What if there isn’t any secret that they know and we don’t….?

What if all we needed to do to succeed was to DO something and start moving….?
What if all we had to do was make a step forward?
  • What would this mean to our professional lives?
  • What would this do to our relationships?
  • What would it mean to our health?
  • What would this do for our financial stability?

We might not have everything figured out yet.
All of our ducks may not be in a row (and some might not even be in the pond…yet), but we’re going to start moving forward, because we aren’t ever going to get there (wherever “there” may be) if we stay here….
If the only difference is that some know, and some do, why not join the doers?

(and, don’t worry about making the leap…if it’s just too tiring making things happen all the time, you can always come back to the world of those that know, but don’t do…promise.)