Who is driving your car?

Who is driving your car?

“If you don’t design your own life plan,
chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.
And guess what they might have planned for you?
Not much.”

Jim Rohn

Imagine your life as a journey, and you are moving through it by car.
Have you ever stopped to wonder, who is driving the car?
Are you driving it?
Are you the one in control of where your life is going?

In doing workshops and training we have uncovered an interesting trend.
A lot of people that complain about things in their lives (relationships, jobs, money, health) appear to be sitting in the passenger seat of the car!
They talk as if something is happening to them, against their will or judgment.
So, we ask, “if you aren’t driving, then who is?!”

This question stumps people, particularly those that revel the role of complainer.
It is easy (and kind of comfortable!) to complain when you feel as if you have no control.
You can complain about what hasn’t changed,
what isn’t getting any better,
or what you don’t like.
You can bemoan the injustice of life,
since you have nothing to do with where it’s heading.
However, if you were to get in the drivers seat,
suddenly you have the power (and the accountability) for where things are going.
Now you have to DO something about things you don’t like.

Initially this can be scary…
but, then people get really excited about the possibility of taking control and taking the wheel.
Suddenly it’s as if there are all these possibilities for change, for growth and for happiness.
It’s a powerful paradigm shift for people.

Here’s an important question to answer: Do you know who is driving your car?
(And, here’s to hoping it’s you…
since nobody else is qualified to drive YOUR life through this world!)