Why is it so hard to say YES to saying NO?!

Why is it so hard to say YES to saying NO?!

Saying No…is there anything that feels harder to do?

  • Setting limits
  • Holding firm to boundaries
  • Being clear about what you will/won’t do…

This is the stuff that headaches, guilt, resentment, frustration (and therapy!) are made of!

Ask yourself if you’re doing something because you want to, and because it’s important to you, or if you’re doing it because you can’t imagine saying, “no.”

How much of your time,
your precious, invaluable time
is spent doing things that you are doing only because you didn’t know how to respectfully, eloquently decline?

1. Make a list of things that you have been asked to do, that you did not want to do.
2. Think of a response, for each of them, that you could have said that would have enabled you to graciously extract yourself from being roped in!

Often we are caught off guard when asked to do something.
It is important to start practicing our limit setting vocabulary!
You’ve wondered how some people always seem to hold true to their limits/boundaries… well, it’s because they have developed the language and they’ve PRACTICED IT!
You can develop those same skills!
You don’t have to always be the one volunteering to drive the car pool, take on that project at work, organize the neighborhood event…!

How will you ever move your life forward if you continuously say NO
to saying “yes” to YOU?

Own your power…and use it!