You are the Sun.

You are the Sun.

“Concentrate all your thoughts on the task at hand.
The sun’s rays do not burn until brought in to focus.”

Alexander Graham Bell

How many of us live our lives feeling:

  • Scattered?
  • Rushed?
  • Stretched?
  • Distracted?
  • Overextended?
  • Unfocused?

We are constantly “doing,” yet seem to get nothing done!

This state of distraction has become the new version of what it means to be successful.

You must be important if you have no time.

You must be really important if you have to multi-task all the time, like when you’re at work, at the store, or in line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

You are so important.
You have proof of this because at the end of every day you feel exhausted and frazzled.
You are o.k. with this because you think this is just how it is.
You think this is called life, and you need to accept it.

Well, living like this IS how it is, for a lot of people.
But, that’s not how it needs to be.

The truth is, we are less productive when we operate at that speed, and we actually get less done.

Something to think about:
Are you accomplishing what you want to accomplish in your days?
Yes? Congratulations!
No? Here’s a radical thought…Do less.

What does that mean?
Quite simply, when you are doing something, do ONLY that.
Give your full attention to the task at hand- and do nothing else.

It sounds scary, doesn’t it?
Just try it…
and see if life feels any easier, more manageable or more enjoyable.

Remember, you are just like the sun’s rays…
and there is nothing more powerful than being “in focus.”