You hold it in your hands…

You hold it in your hands…

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Mahatma Gandhi

People love to talk about the future, don’t they?
People talk about how amazing it will be…they dream about it, and many live in anxious anticipation of what the future will bring, as if they are waiting for the delivery person to drop some kind of present off at their doorstep.

The future is a lot of things, but let’s start with what the future is NOT:


    • The future is not some magical place that we are going to arrive at, where all of our dreams will be waiting for us with open arms.


    • The future is not a surprise that we are going to unwrap, fingers crossed, hoping it’s just what we wanted.


    • The future is not all of our fantasies coming true, finally.


    • The future is not separate from life today. And, it is not being held in protective custody until we are ready to claim it, or own it.


    • The future we dream of is not lying in wait, at the end of the rainbow, like the movies would lead us to believe.


It’s just not there.
It doesn’t exist.

The “future” is nothing more than the result of what you are doing, or not doing, today.
THAT’S what will create your tomorrow.

(What does that mean?
It means there is no surprise in store for you…
no magical place you are heading to one day…
and no secret land that you will be arriving at…
Nope. None of it.
Quite simply:
Your future is going to be whatever you create it to be.
No more, no less.)

Your direction in life is leading you somewhere…
and wherever that is, it is you that will bring you to it.

Good news?
That’s great news!

You hold your world in your hands…
Make your today, and all your tomorrows, what you want them to be.