You Sit and Wait…For What??

You Sit and Wait…For What??

“There is no better time
than right now
to be happy.”
Author Unknown

You sit at your desk…
You watch the clock…
Time feels like it has stopped…
You can’t wait…
until what?

Until lunch?
Until the day is over and you can leave?
Until your next vacation?
Until you retire?

What are you doing?

Life is happening to you right now. The time to be happy, fulfilled and whole is…right now. Not in hours, or months, or decades from now!

So, what does that mean?

That means you’re accountable for owning what you want, and don’t want.
That means that you might need to change some things and do some things differently.
That means that you’re going to be leaving the numb state of “autopilot” and you’re going to actually be aware of what you’re doing with your time…and, what you’re doing with your life.

How do you do it?

First, you need to make time to stop and think about what you want.
Define it.
Then, you need to think about why you want it.
Clarify it.
Finally, you need to come up with a concrete tangible plan to get it.
Implement it.

The Say Yes Institute has created the Define, Clarify, Implement Model(c) to help with this process. We believe that you can answer all of those questions, if you make the time and space to do it. The DCI Model(c) helps to frame the process, but the knowledge- and the direction- is all on you.

The bad news is, nobody can do it for you.
The great news is, you can do it…all of it.
You can become clear about what you want and why that is important to you.
You can make concrete, action steps to get it.
You can decide to be happy and fulfilled, in all areas of your life.

Time is going to continue to pass…
don’t wait one more minute to fully live your life…